3, eBay, Google to revolutionise mobile internet

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Mobile network operator 3 publicized an agreement with top internet companies – including Google, Skype and eBay – which the firm promises will revolutionise the rapidly emerging mobile web. … 3 will allow its customers to make free internet phone calls … to watch their home television via their mobile handset and even access their personal computers whilst on the move.

Watch television on your phone, surf the net on your phone… this all sounds very similar to the old promises of 3G phones, which have largely been ignored by consumers. Let’s hope that this partnership with two of the internet’s biggest players can create something a bit more exciting.

One Response

  1. Lets be honest all the 3G companies missed out by pandering to the consumer and trying to shove apps at them they didn’t really want. It constantly amazes me why none of them offered a proper business package for Web Browsing, email and VPN… or in other words forget the consumer because he doesn’t want to watch premiership goals when the pub already has sky – go and provide business applications that people actually want instead!

    As an aside 3G licenses were issued before 512k broadband was widely available – think of the take up a suitably charged mobile Internet tarriff would have had if they’d chosen to make it available :O



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