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buyer's eyeI have this weakness for the unloved and unwanted, and over the last two years have indulged in it by buying the ugliest vases I can find. Only two rules:
• They have to be from my friends Mark and Philomena’s eBay shop
• They have to be ugly.

It’s been so successful that my collection has been jokingly named “The Berkshire Museum of Ugly Vases” Anyway here I was this evening wondering how to pass the time so I took a quick look though the classic-quality-collectables eBay shop and I found this

Now I have to admit it’s no where near as ugly as some of the others I’ve bought, but it’s the worst I could find in their shop so the good news is if you take a look all you’ll find are some beautiful antiques and collectables that would make the perfect Christmas present for some one special.

Now the reason for posting this is to let you know what Mark and Philomena do well which could help you with your sales on eBay.

Firstly they use a program called clic*pic for displaying superb multiple images from all angles of their products. Buyers love great pictures and it can really bump up your final selling price but if you use eBay hosting additional pictures really starts to cost. Host them yourself and use clic*pic to display them in your auctions for great galleries!

Next their communications are superb, not only do you receive the normal “Item won” and “PayPal Paid” emails, but Mark and Philomena send you an email thanking you for your custom and letting you know what day your item will be despatched.

Next (and the reason I *really* love shopping with them) their packaging is superb! We all love opening parcels but they take it to a whole new level. Items are carefully wrapped in bubblewrap and then packed in a brand new box filled with peanuts to ensure your item arrives safely.

Finally when you open the box you’ll find a packing slip detailing your purchase along with a classic-quality-collectables business card to remind who you dealt with. So many sellers miss this opportunity to remind buyers who you are and prompt them to shop with you again.

All in all a great buying experience and classic-quality-collectables are highly recommended… just one thing, if you spot an ugly vase please email me so that I can buy it!

6 Responses

  1. But being serious…
    What I love about Mark and Philomena’s listings is more than just the clic pic. Their pictures are so brilliant to begin with. They really do demonstrate that it’s worth putting some effort into good pictures with proper lighting to start with, rather that shooting the item with your camera phone lying on the floor.

  2. They used to be only from Mark, but sadly he’s downgraded his stock from “Ugly” to “Tasteful” so I’ve had to find alternative sources ๐Ÿ˜›



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