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buyer's eyePollypuffle (Carol, to those that know her) recently said about her customers “everything else and I mean EVERYTHING else is secondary – You don’t got buyers, you don’t got sales, rocket science it ain’t!” and having recently purchased from her I know it’s not just words. If you buy from Polly she really does put the “king” into “The customer is king”

sells furniture, and not just any furniture either, this is high street designer furniture at prices that have to be seen to be believed.

What I really love about buying from Polly is that nothing is too much to ask. There are no silly terms, starting from when you pay – Polly prefers credit/debit card by phone, but if YOU prefer bank transfer, PayPal or cheque/postal order that’s accepted too. No surcharges or pressure to pay by a method that isn’t your first choice. Unlike many sellers Polly doesn’t have reams of terms and conditions to wade though. She tells you what’s on offer, if you like it you buy, you pay and she delivers.

Talking of delivery if there’s one thing I want once I’ve paid on eBay it’s to have my goods, and in this Polly excels. Almost as soon as I’d paid she emailed me to see if I could accept delivery four days later. Four days might seem a long time – but bearing in mind I purchased in the evening and we’re talking about a hefty piece of furniture, it was a fantastically quick three days in reality. Not only that, but it wasn’t a “We will delivery on xyz day” but a “We could deliver if it’s convenient”. Most importantly, like the last time Polly
delivered to me, the goods arrived on the day they were promised (albeit yet again I answered the door in my dressing gown… I’m sure she does it on purpose!)

Like everyone what I love most about buying is when the goods arrive, and with Polly you can rest assured you’ll be delighted! Your purchase will arrive in great condition – firstly her goods are brand new, secondly they’re packaged securely and thirdly I don’t know where she gets her delivery drivers from, but they’re the friendliest I’ve met and carry on her ethos of customer service.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about Polly it’s the quality of her goods. None of the flat pack “only requires a screwdriver, allen key and the patience of a saint” stuff. Her furniture is – I was going to say assembled, but that’s an understatement – handcrafted, beautifully finished and solid.

So what’s the thing that Polly does best? Is it her products (which are fantastic)? Is it her couriers (which are truly superb)? The answer is no…. it’s the fact that she treats you as if YOU were her one and only customer!

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  1. The auction number is 230052034993. The only money that changed hands was from me to Polly to pay for the goods at the full asking price.



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