Catholic group calls for boycott of eBay

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The International Crusade for Holy Relics, a Catholic organisation, is calling for a boycott of eBay until the site bans the sale of saints’ relics. “Because the relics sold on eBay reminded me of a giant, Middle-Ages marketplace. . . . A relic is a sacramental — not a holy rabbit’s foot or good luck charm.” said Catholic author Ann Ball.

A search on eBay today turned up several pieces of the True Cross, numerous Crowns of Thorns (including one complete one labelled “authentic”!) and some reliquaries containing relics.

There is no doubt that those reliquaries which contain human relics do contravene eBay’s policy on the sale of human body parts. But I can’t help thinking that, when the Church itself teaches the veneration of these objects, who can blame anyone for wanting to own a piece of the holy and powerful for themself. It has, after all, been going on for centuries.


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