CLD feed part two : Spreading the good news

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Yesterday we released our Cheap Listing Day Calendar as an rss feed so that you can stay bang up to date with eBay’s special offers. Today, we’re going one step further, and offering you the opportunity to add the CLD Calendar to your own site, absolutely free, and dead simple to do.

If your webhosting allows you to include files, then all you need to do is to use PHP, Perl, SSI or ASP etc. to get the file If you want to use CSS to control the appearance of the CLD Calendar, that’s fine! The entire list is a ul with the class “cld-ul”, each item is a “cld-li”, and the links are “cld-link”.

If your webhosting doesn’t allow included files, then you should upgrade your webhosting you can use an iframe to include the same file (though do note that the main document stylesheet will not be applied to a document in an iframe. Sorry.)

One word of caution: sadly, none of these methods may be used on eBay itself: files included from off-site are just not allowed.

The Small Print

We are offering this service free of charge. No guarantees of accuracy or uptime are offered or implied. Our code remains copyright to us, and you may not modify it in any way without our explicit written permission. Play nice, people 🙂


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50% off eBay fees for energy saving categories


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