eBay Seller Rewards bolster Share Price


The launch of the Seller Rewards program on eBay.co.uk has had far reaching impact throughout the corporate world. Analyst Robert Peck notes “This is significant because eBay is “finally” trying to create incentives for its sellers to dole out more goods which is something it’s failed to adequately do so far.”

It’s great to see strategies that benefit sellers who are growing their businesses also underpinning eBay’s share price! A real ‘Win Win’ situation.

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  1. I think it’s a bit unfair to criticise eBay too much for not incentivising higher sales before now. The wonderful thing about them is, or used to be, the famous “level playing field”, that meant that tiny sellers could compete on exactly the same terms as huge multinationals.

    I’m liking the way their new schemes concentrate on increasing your own sales, rather than selling more than your competitors. Let’s not forget, though, eBay had schemes like this in the UK in spring 2005 *and* spring 2006, so I think Mr Peck’s “finally” is a bit inaccurate.

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