eBay.co.uk celebrates tenth anniversary of first powerseller

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Richard from eBay points out that it “helps to put in context how long ago it was if we reflect that the Tories were in power and Diana was alive.” That’s when gf-attic, the first ever UK PowerSeller signed up to eBay. As far as we can tell the sixteenth member of eBay.co.uk, he is undisputedly the longest serving PowerSeller, a badge he still wears today.

“I liken him to ‘patient zero’,” Dan Wilson (until recently long-serving Community Manager at eBay) told me. “Maybe not the first to be infected, but definitely the most important in terms of building the epidemic.” Typically when a report on PowerSellers is run at eBay HQ, a simple check that it was successful is if gf-attic shows up at the top of the list – he’s always there because he was first.

Other eBayers from that era still trading on eBay include suezeeq2, moondust, stephenfrye, tefster, roballsopp, baah55 but the first ever member of the UK site is thought to be cheshirecat

eBay are recognising the occasion by sending some special gifts and momentos to these pioneers. They not only had the vision to sign up to the then new website, but have proved their ability to adapt through the countless changes eBay have made in the interim.

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  1. Special congratulations to all the 10 year sellers. A credit to ebay just goes to prove not everything about ebay is bad. why else would sellers sell for 10 years and have such wonderful feedback. These sellers have gone to great lengths to make successful businesses. long may they continue.So happy anniversary and dont forget to send me a silice of that cake…….



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