Have you got anything without spam?

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Up to 80% of spam may be generated by just ten people. May they all spend eternity in Hell trying to weed orders from amongst rubbish about pharmaceuticals and fake watches.

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  1. I hear rumours eBay are going to change “My Messages” to cut out spam, probably by allowing you to answer to “usetheyellowbutton” and creating one off email addresses on the fly. A great improvement if and when it happens 🙂

  2. I’ve heard the same rumour, and I really hope they do it. I’m convinced that one of the reasons that designer fakes are sold on the site is that it’s so easy for the manufacturers of said fakes to contact people who might want to sell them. Given that one of the most frequently asked questions by new Power Sellers is “where do I get stock”, to knock the rip-off merchants out of the equation would clean up the site way beyond just dealing with the spam problem.



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