How to Buy, Sell and Profit on eBay

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The subtitle of Adam Ginsberg‘s book promises to tell you “how to kick start your home-based business in thirty days”. I’d argue with this: a more accurate title might be “how to stop selling off your own old tat and actually start running a business on eBay in probably about ninety days”. If you’ve sold a few things of your own and are really looking to turn that into a business, this book might be useful for you, but if you’re already running a business, online or otherwise, you probably know most of this very basic stuff without needing to read a book.

There’s very little here that you couldn’t figure out from the eBay help pages and your own common sense, but yet some of it manages to be downright dangerous. Mr Ginsberg’s comments on international postage, that you might like to “choose” whether to send goods as gifts or not, fail to mention that declaring merchandise as a gift is, in fact, illegal. This is smuggling, not just a matter of personal choice!

If you want to buy a book about eBay, I’d suggest you choose something else.


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Amazon support Oscar’s Book Prize and launch Oscar’s Book Club

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