I have to buy one of these!


I keep telling myself I don’t need one, I promised I wouldn’t blog about them, but they have them on eBay so how can I ignore them? Called the hydrofoam they are just the coolest remote control toys you’ve ever seen! Not cheap but certainly at around £100 they’re not over priced compared to other remote control toys.

Go on… spend five minutes watching the clip and then try telling me you don’t want one! :-p

2 Responses

  1. i got one of those and therye fantastic takes a lot of work to control the blighter tho lol its one of those gotta have items for the kids for xmas.. a little word of warning though dont give this tiem to very young kids or under 13 really as they have a sharp section which can really hurt the kiddies and you will spend time at casualty if not supervised correctly

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