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It’s hard to believe right now when I seem to spend every waking moment packing parcels, but there will be life after Christmas. Marshia Collier, author of eBay for Dummies, considers what the New Year might have in store for eBay sellers. It’s US-centric, but postal increases are guaranteed in just about any country.

Realize that it’s not because eBay’s a big bad company that wants to pilfer from our pockets, but they’re constantly attempting to improve the site to make it the ultimate marketplace for online shoppers, and they need to cover their costs.

I’d take issue with this, though. eBay are a business, full stop. They’re trying to make the most money they can, full stop. It’s not about “covering the costs of improvements” any more than it’s about “building community”: it’s about making a profit. Which is what sellers should be focussing on too.



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