TurboLister V2 Beta

If you’re not signed up for TurboLister Beta now is the time to do so. There are loads of new features such as viewing live auctions, ending auctions, editing live auctions etc.

Two fantastic features are the ability to sort by auctions eligible for free relist credit, and ability to see the remaining quantity on Buy it Now and Shop Inventory Formats – if the quantity is zero you just sold your last listed item and it’s time to relist a new quantity!

Seriously the best tool eBay have released in years – a must have! 😀

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Once you have downloaded TurboLister to subscribe to the Beta version from the menu select Tools > Options > Advanced Options > Program updates

Chris • 14th November 2006 •

I'm really liking the ability to see which of my SIF items have sold out - anything that helps with stock control is a good thing in my book :-D

Biddy • 14th November 2006 •