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eBay’s Chinese site carries the long-awaited announcement about their partnership with Tom Group:

Respected user:

Since June, 2003 the eBay note capital easy interest, the eBay easy interest always has been the China leading electronic commerce website, provides for the domestic buyer and a seller domestic trade and the foreign trade platform. In the past several years, your service development regarding us were count for much. Along with the Chinese market in the electronic commerce potential unceasing growth, eBay unceasingly is seeking the new opportunity to impel the on-line transaction to tread a new stair.

Today, we very happily to everybody announced eBay and Tom on-line already reached the agreement, establishes a joint venture, marches into the new growth stage for the Chinese fast growth electronic commerce and the motion commerce to lay the foundation.

Through the conformity both sides superiority, eBay Yi Qu and TOM on-line will collaborate in 2007 to make specially the brand-new transaction platform which will have custom-made for the Chinese market. The new transaction platform will take to the domestic buyer and seller are more on-line and the motion opportunity. In after the new transaction platform the line, you are invited to shift to the new platform. Before this, you certainly cannot come under the influence in the eBay Yi Qu transaction.

The new platform will manage by the local team, provides the better user experience, will let individual user and the small business users can gather in this platform carries on the transaction.

EBay will continue in China to carry on the service to expand, between promotion domestic seller and global buyer transaction. From now on we also will be able to have part of staffs to continue in China to support the transnational trade development.

We understood this future the transaction will have the certain influence to you, we will be making a brand-new on-line transaction platform, the future several months we can inform everybody newest progress as necessary. Will thank everybody the transaction and the hope continues from now on in ours platform in ours platform the transaction.

(Translation by Babelfish, but you get the idea!)

Interesting to see the emphasis being put in “you’ll still be able to trade internationally, in fact it’ll get even easier”. Sellers in the rest of the world, whose fees have paid for eBay’s Chinese antics and now appear to have paid Tom Group for their involvement in the new venture, might not feel so reassured.



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