Three steps to succeed on eBay

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Businesspundit offers The Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Need 4 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Business.

It’s a truism that it’s easy to get started in business on eBay. Just because it was easy to start doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to continue, easy to make a real, long-term profit (that includes enough to pay your tax bill), easy to succeed. Amazon is filled with books that promise to tell you “powerseller secrets“, the internet littered with “five steps to eBay success” articles, as though there’s a kind of magic formula that you just need to follow and you’ll be a millionaire by Christmas, Rodney.

Well, here’s my three-step plan to eBay success:

  1. Buy cheap
  2. Sell as expensive as you can
  3. Keep doing it

Step three is where most people fall down.

If you’re now looking crossly at the screen, or going “duh, that’s obvious, where’s her insight?”, then may I humbly suggest you stop falling for the hype about magic formulae? There isn’t a special secret to riches, there’s only hard work, and lots of it. But when it’s all for yourself, even hard work can feel magic.

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