Man spends £920 on marmite toast and pleads poverty

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A Welsh man bid £920 on eBay for the pieces of toast decorated with miniature portraits made from Marmite. The toast decorated by artist Dermot Flynn had portraits of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Simon Cowell and Margaret Thatcher. He said they were for his wife for Christmas and proceeds went to a good cause, children’s charity Room 13.

That was at the beginning of December, now it emerges that Mr Withers has just been jailed for producing and selling counterfeit films such as the Lost series. Sixteen weeks in jail and 100 hours community service for his wife is the punishment for sales thought to be £5000 worth of fake DVDs. Pleading mitigating circumstances the excuse put forward was that they couple have a seventeen year old pregnant daughter and needed money to bring her back to England – strange that they still had a grand left over for what’s little more than a loaf of bread and jar of marmite!



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