Overstock washes more dirty linen

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After the first open letter posted on the Overstock forums, CEO Patrick Byrne posts another. It’s not only an attempt to pour oil on troubled waters, but an appeal to users of the site to suggest improvements. Along with this backtracking, delaying and suddenly asking for confirmation on policies he’d said were a done deal only serve to muddy the waters further.

It’s often a complaint about eBay that they aren’t contactable, that they don’t listen, that the “consultations with the community” aren’t visible, but in practice if the actions on Overstock are the alternative, I’m glad eBay are the way they are. As a seller and buyer I like to know where I am. I want a stable selling environment. I want management of the site that don’t justify their employees based on their personal lives. Above all I actually like eBay keeping a professional stance and not getting drawn into squabbling with sellers and buyers.

Here’s to Doug and his team!

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