Threshers unintentionally enter the viral marketing space

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What better on a Sunday before Christmas than to stock up your wine cellar. Pop along to your local Threshers and save 40% on your wine and champagne purchases up to £500 in value.

An initial email to suppliers that could be sent to family and friends has found it’s way onto the Internet and demand has exploded! From November 30th to December 10th, Christmas really has come early for those that enjoy a drink. The news spread like wild fire with coverage on the BBC and papers such as the Telegraph.

This is just the latest example of what’s known as viral marketing – the passing on of information to friends, family and colleagues not because there’s any immediate benefit to yourself, but because the material is so compelling. Other viral marketing campaigns of note include Vauxhall VXR and GMTV’s Toonattik. The most famous viral marketing explosion is probably the Hoover free flights promotion which made it into posterity with its own entry in Wikiedia.

It’s a lesson you’d think companies would have learnt – companies like eBay use viral marketing to attract new buyers and sellers, but for Threshers it could be a costly mistake. The company says it should still make a profit on the offer and it’s a great way for them to collect data on new customers as you have to give your email address away…. although there are plenty of free email providers for those that don’t want an inbox of unwanted offers in the future.

The promotion coupon was published on the Stormhoek website and you can download your own and use it in Threshers, Wine Rack, Bottoms Up, Haddows and The Local Chains by clicking on the image below.

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