Yule log on


What are you doing reading this – haven’t you got anything better to do, on this of all days?, asks the BBC. Actually, I’m being terribly Christmassy even though I’m online. I’ve used SkypeOut to call my sister. I was going to call my parents, then realised they’d be in church, so I checked their church’s website to find out when their service would be over so I could call back when they were home. Later (when I’ve figured out the time difference!) I’ll be Skyping my brother in Canada.

And I’ve emailed some people too: I think an email on Christmas day says “I’m thinking of you, but I don’t want to interrupt your family day by calling you”, the perfect thing for friends I’m not going to see, wherever in the world they might be.

Because I’m now a grown up and don’t “need” gifts wrapped under the tree, the entire world has given me Amazon vouchers, so I spent a jolly hour this afternoon choosing my presents.

I listed a bunch of new stuff last night, and I’ve had eBay orders today 😀 I’ve also had one guy mail me to whinge that something he ordered last Wednesday hasn’t arrived: and I managed to avoid sarcasm in my reply to him: good for me, that deserves an extra mince pie.

I think it’s crazy to ask us to avoid the internet on Christmas day. I’ve no doubt that eighty years ago, the concept of telephoning at Christmas seemed odd and alien, but now, the internet is as much a part of our lives as the telephone is, and just as unavoidable.

But now, I’m going to turn the computer off and go and watch some television. As the man said, happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.


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