Death of the Caravan

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No, not the Brainiac style blowing up of a caravan as below, but death of the caravan on eBay Pulse. The Brits love their caravans, and for almost the whole of 2006 the search term “Caravan” appeared in the top 10 searches on the front page of Pulse. Sadly the mad rush for the latest must have games consoles have pushed the faithful caravan from the most searched for items on eBay.

eBay Pulse is a tool for sellers although many mistakenly think having their item showing on Pulse (which means it’s the most watched on eBay) is a sure fire way to sell it. The truth of the matter is buyers don’t know pulse exists, and neither do many sellers. What Pulse is fantastic for is letting you know the most searched for terms in any particular eBay category. This is priceless information for sellers when constructing an item title, do you for instance describe your caravan as a “Touring Caravan” or a “Swift Caravan” (or both if you have room in your title! Were you aware that “VW” (the good old VW Camper) is the third most popular search term in the caravan category currently?

Similar information is available specifically for your own customers from eBay Traffic Reports for those that have an eBay shop, and in this case it tells you the search terms your customers are using in your shop. If you know what people are looking for and give them what they want you’ll get more sales. It’s as simple as blowing up a caravan!

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  1. I’d also add that Pulse is really only useful if you drill down the categories a bit. Those ebook sellers on the front page do NOT mean that ebooks are a great thing to sell; they mean that those pointless, scamming sellers have software to bump them on to Pulse.



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