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eBay have given us a sneaky preview of the new design for their home page. It’s a lovely clean design, with sexy curved corners not dissimilar to the ones I made for a certain Shop 😉 And at long last, Shops are being conspicuously featured:

screen shot: eBay's new front page featuring eBay Express, eBay Motors, eBay Shops

We’re pleased to see that eBay for Charity has a prominent spot. As well as doing great work for good causes, this part of the site does bring in both punters and publicity that eBay would otherwise most likely miss: it absolutely deserves a headline spot.

Also new are a space to talk about site safety issues – long overdue this, it’s nice to see eBay finally being more upfront about the need for members to protect themselves while using the site – and ‘Look At This’, which “will highlight an area of the site that we feel helps make eBay the fun and interesting place it is”. The example they give shows Cabbage Patch dolls, “due for a revival”. I’m not convinced about Cabbage Patch dolls any more this time than I was the first time around, but it’ll be interesting to see what other items Richmond use to fill this spot.

Altogether it’s a much more coherent look, a great change from its messy and illogical predecessor.

For a nostalgic look at eBay home pages past, the Way Back Machine has dozens going back to 1999. This one was there when I first visited the site: what a dull start compared with today’s!

2 Responses

  1. Interesting after my last post that pulse seems to have lost it’s spot on the eBay home page. Still no great loss – it’s great for sellers, it’s of no use to buyers which is what the home page should be all about!

  2. I’m glad Pulse has gone. Not only is it no use to buyers, it’s full of crappy ebooks bumped up by the idiots that sell them. They shouldn’t be given the oxygen of publicity.



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