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The devil, they say, is in the detail. That’s certainly true on eBay. Particularly on eBay’s checkout:

See what’s missing? That “or continue shopping with this seller” – static, unclickable text, that ought to be a button or a link, to take you right back to the seller’s shop or other items.

I’ve been whinging about this since 14th September 2004 (apologies for the links to the UK Powerseller Board; if you don’t have a sign-in there, you’ll have to take my word for it). Other sellers agreed with me. eBay staff agreed with me. Nigel said he’s been complaining about the same thing even longer than I have. A signature campaign on the Powerseller Board happened. People from “Product” Skyped me. Doug McCallum even started a thread about it. At some point in the intervening two and a half years, the lovely Lynne from A Bit More Sparkle christened the idea “Biddy’s Button”.

And today, frabjeous day, it seems they’ve started testing it:

biddy's button

If I sound a bit over-happy, well frankly, I am. Two and a half years of badgering to get one link added to the site is, to be honest, about two years longer than it should have been. Not for nothing does John Donahoe say “you don’t do anything sudden on the eBay ecosystem”.

Now please, eBay, make it go live. Because I can’t be the only seller who is really, truly fed up of explaining how to purchase more than one item to a dozen buyers every day.

With most enormous thanks for the heads up and the screen shot to Cwmbedw, the world’s best purveyor of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and everything else card-shaped you could possibly want.

4 Responses

  1. At last! Well done Doug for listening but even more well done Sue for bugging eBay for “Biddy’s Button” for so long! Maybe Doug could cast his eye over the rest of our wish list now 🙂



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