Glastonbury tickets on eBay? Not this year

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For the first time pre-registration with a photo is required for anyone wishing to purchase a ticket for the Glastonbury music festival. Although the festival is to be held on 22nd-24th June and tickets won’t go on sale until 1st April, unless you register during February you won’t be able to purchase one.

Pre-registration requires submission of a photo of the applicant, and the photo can’t be changed once submitted. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a ticket when sales open in April. Each ticket when issued will carry the photo of the applicant and according to the owner of the festival site, Michael Eavis, people won’t be able to sell their tickets on for a profit. Photo’s on tickets mean you won’t be able to buy or resell tickets on eBay.

While we see no reason why tickets sales should not be restricted on eBay we’ve been saying for a long time promoters that object to tickets changing hands could prevent resale of tickets with photos. It’s good to see the organisers of Glastonbury proactive in solving the dilemma although sad to see sellers cut out of potential profits.


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