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If you’re an eBay UK affiliate, you should have received an email today notifying you of some major changes to affiliate revenues, starting March 1st. For most people, these should be good news, as the old flat fees, starting at 10p for a bid and 12p for a BIN, are being scrapped, to be replaced with a new “revenue sharing model”. In other words, send eBay buyers of expensive items, and you’ll be rewarded for that.

Details of exactly how this will work are yet to emerge. It’s not clear whether affiliates will still be paid for unsuccessful bids, for example, nor exactly what the “revenue” on which payments are calculated is – FVFs are the obvious assumption, but this may not be strictly the case. I’m hoping to see an end to what I think is the biggest con in the current payment structure:

The programme compensates for one bid or Buy-It-Now (BIN) per click from your website. Therefore, your site links must be used as navigation to the site prior to every bid or BIN transaction in order for you to be compensated.

Other affiliate programs, notably Amazon‘s, pay commission on all purchasing done after an affiliate link is clicked: that is, if someone follows an Amazon affiliate’s link and buys a dozen books, that affiliate earns commission on all dozen of those sales. For eBay to pay out only on the first item bid on or purchased is unnecessarily stingy.

At the same time, payments for ACRUs (new account sign ups) have been reduced:

Monthly total Old Rate New Rate
1-49 £7 £7
50-149 £9 £8
150-500 £11
501-1000 £12 £9
1001-1500 £13
1501-2000 £10
2000+ £14

I suspect this will affect some affiliates much more than others: here at TameBay, unsurprisingly, we get very few new registrations, because almost all our readers are already eBay members. If you have a site that’s specifically designed to capitalise on this previously most generous part of the program, though, you might be a little more bothered at such a huge slashing of rates.

So, how is it for you? Are you dancing all the way to the bank tonight?

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