One year old McD's burger sold

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A one year old McDonald’s cheeseburger has been sold on eBay for US$9.99, more than a fresh one goes for. The seller says:

This Cheeseburger was purchased at a McDonalds in Lexington Kentucky at 8:37PM. It was ordered PLAIN. Still in its original wrapper with original grill slip and receipt.

After the cheeseburger was purchased it was simply placed on a shelf and left at room temperature for a year. Why you ask ? Two reasons….

One, Friends would often joke that I could sell anything on ebay so I figured I would pick something really odd and try. Second, Morgan Spurlock ( Supersize Me ) mentioned on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that McDonalds Food will not decompose even after years sitting on a shelf. So, I wanted to see if it was really true.

The Results…..

After a year of sitting on a shelf, the cheeseburger still looks like it did when it was new. It has gotten slightly smaller due to dehydration. It never grew any mold, or fungus. Its now hard as stone. Bacteria will not even eat McDonalds food.

Via eBayBid



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