Talentless hack repeats last week's story


If you’ve got what you think is a good story, keep milking it. The Sunday Times today repeat last week’s lie that “shill bidding is common on eBay”.

They follow up the story of the one single shilling seller they were able to find, with the astonishing news that he’s been suspended from eBay. And then with long and pretty boring detail of how he received more than 400 bids from an account registered in the name of his ex-wife. The ex-wife denies all knowledge. The seller says the bids must have been real. It all reads rather like one of those “About Me” pages where an eBayer tells the story of every single one of the negative feedbacks they’ve ever received, or where a buyer and a seller take their silly argument onto a public message board. Or maybe like two five year olds arguing in a playground. If this feeble non-story is what passes for journalism in the ST, I think I’ll stick with the News of the World.


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