1 in 10 Internet users are scammed for £875

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Internet users who have experienced online fraud lost an average of £875 each over the past twelve months, according to “Internet Safety: The State of the Nation,” research by the government and industry online safety campaign, Get Safe Online.

That’s the finding of a YouGov survey from early March this year. However it was also pointed out that if internet users took the same precautions online that they do on the high street, a substantial proportion of online fraud losses could be prevented. Astonishingly less than half of Internet users believe that they are responsible for their own online safety with 16% under the impression that it’s their banks job and 13% assuming their ISP should look after them.

You wouldn’t give a stranger the key to your front door, but this is the situation many people unknowingly find themselves in with the more sophisticated forms of online fraud.”
Garreth Griffith, head of eBay Trust and Safety and director of Get Safe Online

It really is amazing that people go online blithely expecting others to take care of them. Whilst credit, bank cards and wallets are high priorities for most people their online passwords and email barely get a passing thought. When asked over half thought there should be an “Internet Safety Test” before people are let loose on the Internet, with over three quarters believing that schools should run lessons in online safety.

With so many admitting that Online Safety should be a priority but equally expecting someone or another organisation to take care of them it’s not surprising 12% of internet users have experienced online fraud in past 12 months.

The UK population spend some £30 billion online each year. 3.5 million people being defrauded at an average cost of £875 each is simply far to high to be sustainable. Users need to start taking responsibility for their own losses, and if they aren’t Internet savvy, to make sure they educate themselves with resources such as Get Safe Online. Alternatively the European Computer Driving Licence includes online safety material as well as educating on how to use a computer!


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