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Wags Boutique are the latest to complain about their charity items appearing on eBay. Wags (Wives and Girlfriends of celebrities) have set up two competing fashion outlets in London’s Marshall street with all profits from both boutiques going to a charity of the winning team’s choice. Currently Wags Boutique is aired on ITV.

Each shop, as well as stocking fashion clothes and accessories, have charity items such as Wags hoodies. Currently due to the exposure on television these are hugely popular with queues forming daily in Marshall street from eager buyers. Many have started to purchase extra to resell on eBay.

Typically this has caused major controversy, many are crying foul with the normal complaint that sellers shouldn’t profit from charity. Others rightly point out that the only way to obtain the items is to travel to London in the hope the boutiques will have stock when you get there, and often they don’t!

Demand is so great for the Great Ormand Street Children’s Charity clothing a website, GOSH Hoodies has been set up to take orders. Obtusely they state that “while the show is still in progress the Hoodies and T-shirts will only be sold in Bows Boutique”. The TV show is to run for 13 weeks and demand is naturally greatest while the series is live. For those that are unable to make a trip to London in the hope of finding stock buying on eBay is an obvious choice.

It should be noted that all the items for sale on eBay have been purchased in either Bows (33 Marshall Street, London) or Better Half (34 Marshall Street, London), the two competing Wags Boutique outlets. That means that the charities have already received their donation, and some sellers on eBay are using eBay for charity to make further donations out of their profits.

Whether you agree or disagree with resale of charity goods, making them too difficult to obtain will naturally lead to people willing to buy from alternate venues. All the time buyers are bidding someone somewhere will be happy to fulfil the demand.

5 Responses

  1. they should link up with eBay and sell some of the items through eBay for Charity

  2. Hi Kanny, they should indeed, but I think politics has got in the way. They don’t want to sell their merchandise anywhere else. Whilst the contestant’s charity raising ideals may be well meaning, the producers of the show are interested in getting as many bodies through the doors of their boutiques as possible.

    It’s not about raising as much money as possible for charities, it’s down to the TV ratings war 🙁


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