Feedback 2.0 is live and I already hate it

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Feedback 2.0 has been enabled on many eBay sites around the world and buyers and sellers are exploring with interest, although by no means with universal approval. In fact this is one of the most hated changes on eBay I’ve ever known!.

The detested Detailed Seller Ratings are of course enabled, time will tell how many buyers leave them, and whether in general they prove to differentiate sellers. I still suspect buyers will in time start to leave four out of five – anyone that’s filled out ranking surveys will recognise that it’s not the norm to leave the highest score available.

The page is particularly badly laid out, in fact it just looks a mess with new sections squeezed in. It’s a shame they didn’t get the guys that designed the new home page to lay out the new feedback view. Useful links to About Me, Trading Assistant, reviews and guides and ID History being hidden on a drop down menu. Strangely they’ve added a “View Item” link, but haven’t bothered to make the item title or number clickable. The page is also much longer as each feedback now takes two lines instead of one. Finally some of the fonts on the page have been reduced in size, and the detailed seller rating box dwarfs the size of the recent feedback ratings.

Of course Cobb also promised it would be “introduced, monitored, tweaked and only when running smoothly and any ill effects ironed out introduced on the North American site“. In other words he doesn’t care less about International markets. Feedback was the one thing that set eBay apart from other sites, now eBay have trashed it we might as well be selling on Amazon for those that know what a joke feedback there is.

It’s a sad day for eBay, in trying to improve something that was working they’ve ruined the one unique feature that set the site apart. ๐Ÿ™

8 Responses

  1. I particularly hate having the item titles on display: it’s going to be hell for knicker and dildo sellers, that one ๐Ÿ™

  2. I especially dislike the way that users can only see an overall score for the Detailed Seller Ratings & not what ratings have been left for each transaction. When reviewing a sellers’ feedback profile with the old system, someone can decide for themself whether each neg has been left fairly or unfairly (eg is it abusive in tone or was it left in response to one already left by the seller, say for non-payment).

    Also, since leaving Detailed Seller Ratings is optional, the final score will inevitably be skewed. If, say, only 40% of satisfied customers go to the trouble of leaving Detailed Seller Ratings compared with, for the sake of argument, 80% of disatisfied customers, then the figures are not going to accurately represent overall buyer satisfaction for transactions with that seller.

    My experience on Amazon is that I tend to only go to the trouble of leaving feedback if I am very dissatisfied with a sellers’ service, as I take good service for granted. I predict that a disproportionate number of eBayers using Detailed Seller Ratings will have axes to grind as well.

  3. Sam it’s even worse than that – when someone makes multiple purchases do you really think they’re going to bother to leave detailed ratings for each. If someone buyers one printer from me they probably will, but if they buy 10 JetDirect cards from ten different listings are they going to waste time leaving ten sets of Detailed Seller Ratings if they’re happy? On the other hand if they are unhappy they probably will have the incentive to leave ten rankings! ๐Ÿ™

    To be honest I’m going to take my normal attitude with feedback, totally ignore it and largely pretend it doesn’t exist. If eBay think it will help sellers improve they’re in cloud cuckoo land. If they think sellers need Detailed Seller Ratings to inform them what they do well and what could be improved they have a poor opinion of sellers.

    If eBay think it’ll help buyers they’re sadly mistaken as I foresee the average Detailed Seller Rating settling down at about 4 out of 5 in the long term and everyone will end up the same – just an indistinguishable statistic similar to most sellers having a 99.7% to 99.9% feedback score. Differentiation between sellers is what they state buyers have been asking for, and that’s the one thing that they’re not going to get!

  4. I’ve had just about 20 positives left since this was introduced.

    My detailed ratings are not available yet.

    To me this means that at least 1 in 2 of satisfied customers cannot be arsed to leave them.

    The results are going to be very skewed.

  5. Ermmm…. am I allowed to admit it’s worked out a lot better than I ever imagined and I’m a little more blasรƒยฉ about such changes these days? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I still feel that the average buyer leaving four stars across the board is (in their eyes) saying “Hey this was a good seller”. Five out of five is unrealistic in anyone’s eyes. That’s not gonna change anything though and I seem to be surviving so far so I’ll not complain too much ๐Ÿ™‚


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