I´m Not a Plastic Bag, I'm a fashion statement!

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I'm not a plastic bagWe Are What We Do is a “movement” attempting to inspire people to change the way they live to “improve our environment, our health, and our communities and make our planet and the people on it much happier”. Idealistic, but they have a point. However they chose to publise their cause with the launch of the Anya Hindmarch designed “I’m not a plastic bag” to encourage people to use fewer plastic bags at the supermarket.

This was doomed to be a fiasco from the start, at £5 a bag it’s become a cool hip fashion statement even before the official launch date and the trendy fashionados can’t wait to get their hands on one. This is never going to replace the humble carrier bag – Just think about it, the shopping trolley full of food and one funky cotten bag? Nah, gimme some carriers please! Practical it is not, but to be seen out and about with one in the coolest winebars is a must for those who like to be seen as environmentally aware.

The BBC report We Are What We Do are livid that the bags are already up for sale on eBay. Their spokesman, Kenn Jordan, admits he’s resorted to auction interference and is emailing sellers to request they cancel their listings. Their website clearly states “Due to overwhelming demand our pre order allocation has now sold out. We will have more bags available to pre order soon.“. This makes a mockery of his complaint “People who say it is already sold out are at best being misleading and at worst telling downright lies.“. One seller currently claims to have purchased a bag from Colette in Paris so as soon as the auction ends it can be yours!

Either the bag is sold out or it isn’t – Mr Jordan needs to make his mind up. In the mean time you can quite happily bid on eBay for your Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag“. After all if they want it to be that much of a must have icon, they can hardly complain if people can’t help themselves but buy one!

7 Responses

  1. Hmm, I think the point is that you have several reusable bags. It’s not difficult – no supermarkets here give away horrible plastic bags.

  2. I know 😉

    I’m just amazed that having made it a celebrity endorsed fashion trinket that they’re then surprised people want one. If you’re going shopping there are plenty of shopping bags on eBay at much lower prices that will do the job admirably (although possibly they don’t look so cool in a nightclub) 😉

  3. Hi,

    Can I please respond to the comments above:

    1. I work for We Are What We Do not Anya Hindmarch and if you check out our site http://www.wearewhatwedo.org you will see that the bags have not sold out, because we have not put them on sale yet.

    2. I posted this listing on eBay https://tinyurl.com/38pnfe to counter the false claims that other eBay listing had about the bag.

    3. I know this bag will not solve the problem of plastic bag usage, but it has raised awareness of the issue https://www.wearewhatwedo.org/do_something/actiondetails.php?pid=1

    4. Don’t believe everything you read, even if it does come from the BBC website. They can’t even spell my name correctly Kenny?? So it’s no wonder I was misquoted. If you want to read a more balanced view check out this piece written in The Independent news paper: https://news.independent.co.uk/environment/lifestyle/article2332719.ece

    Thanks for giving me the right to reply,

    Kenn Jordan

  4. Hi Kenn and thanks for commenting. (Apologies for the earlier mis-spelling of your name!)

    Anya’s website does state that preorder allocation has currently sold out and you’ve managed to create such a buzz about the product that people genuinely don’t want to wait for further allocations to become available. Whilst some may be amazed at the prices the bags are fetching on eBay the good news is that the price issue will raise far more awareness for your cause 🙂

    Re your listing on eBay it actually breaks eBay policy as you’re not offering an item for sale. Would it be possible for you to list a limited number of bags, perhaps with any proceeds over the standard £5 cost going to charity? That way you could let those that want to be first to have the bag pay over the odds, but not for commercial gain.

    We’d be more than happy to help if you want to contact us direct.

  5. I live in Canada (Montreal) and I was wondering if I could pre-order the bag from the Anya site when it is released.
    Do you know where I can get a hold of this bag or anyone has 1 to sell, I am interested

    Please help

  6. Only one place I can think of – eBay 😀 But they’ll cost ya!

    The bag has already been released & was sold through https://www.wearewhatwedo.org/ but not any more – so I’m guessing they no longer mind people reselling them for high prices.

  7. It doesn’t really matter where it’s made, or what it’s made out of… The point is, people who like this bag will want to use it and that in itself can reduce the consumption of plastic bags.
    The goal wasn’t to diminish child labor or cheap labor in China.

    If people like this bag and decide to use it as an alternative to plastic shopping bags, then the message and goal is effective.

    People who want this bag know its intended purpose and ultimately it’s a personal choice to stop using plastic or not. The bag itself doesn’t make a difference, it’s the attitude people adopt.

    The message is boldly imprinted on the bag so it’s promoting awareness and a 2nd look at things.
    Like if you bring it to a supermarket where everyone is packing their stuff in plastic, they might think twice next time.


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