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I took my dogs for a walk this morning. They’ve finally got the idea about bringing the stick back to me once I’ve thrown it, but they have interestingly different techniques. Rowan is running after it before it’s even left my hand. He invariably gets there first and grabs the stick. Cormac doesn’t bother. He waits just a little in front of me, until Rowan runs past with his prize, and then seizes his chance to lunge for the stick. There’s a tussle. The chances of either dog winning are about even – but the point is that Cormac has won his fifty percent having expended a lot less energy than Rowan has.

I can’t help thinking that Cormac would make an excellent business man.

4 Responses

  1. Maybe… but I doubt the VAT man would consider ‘woof’ a sufficient excuse for not registering.

  2. Wonderful dogs.

    I’ve two black labradors, Boris and Walter, whenever eBay has me tearing my hair out I just take a walk with them and all is soon well.

    Here (htttp:// ) is my head of customer relations.


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