Maturity brings success on eBay

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Websites are often marketed to the young and hip, but sites catering for this sector may be missing a trick. New research from Birmingham Midshires (a division of the Halifax) shows that one in 10 over-45s is now self-employed and relying on the Internet to grow their businesses. Out of the thousand 45+ year olds surveyed 60% had traded on eBay. 10% are self employed and reliant on the Net for business with more using it online trading to top up other income.

In September 2006 legislation was passed in the UK banning discrimination in the work place based on age. Whilst in the past many employees may have suffered ageism the Internet knows no such bounds. In fact I’d argue that maturity brings many benefits to online trading.

Many eBayers are young, ambitious but lack basic business experience. Those who are time served and business savvy find transferring those skills to an eBay business second nature.

2 Responses

  1. Chris, I think that one in 10 number will change over the next several years. I’m not sure about the UK but in the US the freedom, lifestyle and income (with all the tax benefits) that one can enjoy by working for themselves makes a job less appealing. Many of those over 45 who could get a job are choosing to be self employed.

  2. I’m not in the over 45 category (yet) but eBay a lifestyle choice for me.

    Definately more will branch out on their own, and I truely believe people with a few years business experience will do better than those straight out of school/college.

    Attitude can only get you so far, and although eBay is easy (too easy to get started in some ways, people run before they can walk), a sound knowledge of business practises doesn’t go amiss



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