Call for protest over "offensive" relic sales

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Catholic organisation the International Crusade for Holy Relics has called for a protest this Good Friday against “e-Judases who sell Christ’s relics to the highest bidder”. ICHR’s long-running campaign against eBay objects to the selling of relics, which is against the law of the Catholic Church; it also objects that some of the objects sold are fake. Though the sale of relics has been going on for centuries (St. Augustine complained about it in the fourth century), ICHR President Tom Seraphim has called on eBay members to send protest email tomorrow in an attempt to get eBay to ban the sale of sacred items.

There are currently a number of relics for sale on eBay, though whether any of them contains any actual saint is not something upon which I would like to comment.

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  1. Is this another opportunity to dust of the old gag about Catholics being advised to use PrayPal or PaPal?

    Ok, I thought not, just thought I’d check. Oh yes, happy easter to you too. ;o)



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