Culture Minister wants to ban eBay ticket sales

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Shaun Woodward, the Culture Minister, has called for voluntary code of practise to stop tickets being sold over face value on eBay. He said “People must not be able to exploit the market at the expense of consumers.” Labour MP John Robertson said that ticket sellers “should be punished”.

2 Responses

  1. That’s outrageous! Next they’ll tell me I can’t sell a printer above a certain price because it’s unfair. No one is being explioted with ticket sales. If punters didn’t want to buy tickets regardless of value no one would sell them. Some people would rather pay over the odds than bother queuing for tickets, it’s as simple as that.

  2. I think that concert promoters (who don’t after all offer refunds) should be honest and say “We don’t want a secondary market.” The bi-annual farce of Glastonbury tickets goes to show that promoters and organisers are not efficient in the way they price and distribute tickets.

    Concern for the ‘fans’ and ‘consumers’ is just a facade for their annoyance that they’re not getting a cut of the resale. Ministers’ concern shows they are in the pockets of the promoters. Price controls don’t seem to be the way forward. No one is forced to buy these tickets.


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