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It’s a day and a half since the initial allocation of 137,500 tickets for this years Glastonbury festival went on sale. They sold out in well under two hours on Sunday morning, but not a single Glastonbury ticket has found it’s way onto eBay. Although unprecedented this is due to the pre-registration required and printing of the ticket holders photo onto each individual ticket.

There are countless event organisers who are complaining about resale of tickets. Whilst I honestly can’t see why someone shouldn’t be allowed to resell for as much as a willing buyer is happy to pay in the future other venues have no room to complain. Glastonbury have shown if promoters want to restrict resale of tickets it’s perfectly possible. If promoters don’t take similar steps to Glastonbury then they should accept tickets will change hands and a profit will be made by the middle man because that’s how trading works.


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Artists can use Ticketmaster on TikTok to promote their live dates

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