Buyers go crazy for Boot's Protect & Perfect

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Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect anti-wrinkle serumAn anti-aging wrinkle cream that supposedly works! That’s what buyers believe Boots’ No.7 Protect & Perfect anti-wrinkle serum is and they’ve cleared the shelves in Boots of every last bottle at £17 a throw. The lure of young looking skin is just to great to resist.

Inevitably the only place you can currently purchase is on eBay where bottles are selling for as much as £75 on Buy it now and bids of well over £40 on auctions.

The buying frenzy was triggered after BBC Horizon program last month tipped the salve as one that might actually work. Already Boots have sold over 200,000 bottles, but you’re unlikely to find them anywhere bar eBay until after the Bank Holiday when they replenish supplies in shops.

Stop and think about it though…. Is it really worth spending up to £75 to stop your face wrinkling over the weekend, or can you wait until Tuesday and queue up in Boots?

Updated: They’re now selling for up to £100 on Buy it now and over £70 on auctions 😮

7 Responses

  1. Avon cosmetics got their first and its in ready supply and good stuff. We shall see if this stuff works!

  2. Josordoni: he doesn’t need to worry, he’s wrinklefree and has a perfect babylike complexion… ;o)

  3. Actually, I have to disagree with Lynne: few men would dare to write the last line. *gives Mountie the hard stare* X-(

  4. If the stuff is so good you’ll be able to buy it for £17 on Tuesday, slap a bit extra on and catch up the four days you missed over the weekend. If it’s not that good it’s not worth £75 today :-p

  5. I hear it is back in at Oxford Street today…

    (expecting to read of a stampede tomorrow)

    Dan, I think he’s supposed to put it on his face, not his bottom…

    Mountie, you are right as ever. But then I would never pay £75 for any sort of makeup….I’m just a Rimmel sort of girl 🙂

  6. Seems things have calmed down a little now – most are going for between £20 and £30; listings with BINs over £30 don’t seem to be selling, and I can see a few lucky buyers winning for under a tenner, *way* less than the retail price!



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