Don't tell me my buyer is NARU


I’ve been waiting for payment for a buyer for just over a week and today opened an unpaid item dispute. To my surprise I was instantly credited as the buyer is NARU (Not a registered user). You may think why am I surprised? Well it’s all to do with eBay notes.

In the customise options in my eBay you can select whether or not to display eBay notes to inform you of critical events. These notes display information such as “An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for this item.” and previously a note was displayed if a user was NARU’d. This appears to no longer be the case, don’t rely on eBay notes to tell you if a trading partner no longer has access to the site, you now have to check each User ID by viewing their feedback or My World page 🙁

I don’t know if this is a permanent change or just another glitch but either way there’s no point waiting for a NARU buyer to pay – open a Unpaid Item Dispute and claim your fees back instantly!

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  1. Hmmm… I have one that’s just shown up as NARU here. Maybe eBay just doesn’t like you :-p

  2. Mine still doesn’t show 🙁

    Just to add insult to injury the postie has just delivered his payment. I’ll go remove the strike the guy got automatically given when I tried to open a UPI – all I wanted to do was prompt payment, now I’m feeling *really* sorry for him. I know removing the strike won’t un-NARU him, but if everyone he paid late removes strikes it will 😀

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