Eurovision triumph for Ireland


The BBC bumped Dr Who tonight and gave Terry Wogan his annual three hours of prime time telly for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year it was live from Helsinki, Finland and ended in predictable fashion with the Eastern European countries voting for each other, the Scandinavians voting for each other, Southern Europe voting for other Southern European countries, and of course inevitably Cyprus voting for Greece! 🙂

The United Kingdom managed to enter a group with their arms outstretched pretending to be aeroplanes. Called Scooch, they quite honestly deserved a splendid “Nul points” which was spoilt when Ireland awarded them seven points swiftly followed by another 12 from Malta. France was level 2nd bottom with the UK on 19 points but Ireland triumphed with just five points coming last.

The winners, Serbia, have the dubious honour of hosting next years competition. Without a doubt the cost of hosting the show far outweighs any benefit, and is definitely one to avoid.

If you missed the annual shamefest don’t worry – you can buy the Eurovision CD on eBay!

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  1. Why do we bother??? I can’t see the point any more, it is just a Balkan/ex WP lovefest. If that is how they like it (and it would seem that it is) wouldn’t it make more sense just to leave them to it?

    All the Western European countries were in there at the bottom third.

  2. Oh gosh yes Biddy…. the Girl in the Pink Dress. Didn’t you just want to shove her microphone somewhere it would take her a short Finnish winter to find??

    Mind you….. I’ve seen even worse Eurovision presenters.. shudder…

  3. I quite liked Sweden’s entry, The Ark. They wouldn’t have been out of place in the UK charts in 1974!

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