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There’ll be more whinging about feedback this morning as eBay have changed the way feedback stars work. Rather than rounding to increments of half a star, they’re now in tenths of a star.

I’ve previously commented that – though eBay touted this as a system to allow buyers to distinguish between sellers – it failed on that score because most sellers have scores of 4 stars or more on all criteria. I’m sure that this latest tweak is an attempt to fine tune that system, but frankly it seems a bit pointless: there’s no real difference between a seller with 4.8s and a seller with 4.9s, just as there’s no real difference between a seller with 99.8% feedback and 99.9% feedback.

Of course, if they really do need to make site changes, we have a list of things that would actually be useful: maybe the star-makers could have a read.

Updated to add a link to the announcement.

11 Responses

  1. The maddening thing isn’t that they’ve done this, just that it’s been given priority over *so* many other problems.

  2. At least they didn’t change the way buyers leave feedback – they still choose from five stars. Imagine trying to have to decide whether to give 4.6 or 4.7 stars when you really wanted to leave 4.65 :-p

  3. 😀 @ Feedback 2.1.

    Has FB2 reduced the number of negs given? Or is that another ebay statistic we mere mortals are not allowed to know?

  4. I have been peering at my own Feedback to work out whether one of mine is 4.8 or 4.9 and I can’t decide…. must get out more.

  5. Cripes. It’s a 4.7. Well-spotted Sue.

    Whoever thought up the tenths of a star surely has an MBA from Stanford or Harvard.

  6. Well I never, now I can see that the teeny little pointy bit of a star is grey….. are their artists on short rations or something that they needed to give them some work??


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