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Meg, Shrek and DonkeyEver wanted to give Meg Whitman some feedback? Well, now you can. eBay’s president is auctioning a number of personal items and pieces of eBayana as part of Give Fest, an eBay employee event where items are being sold for charity.

Auction items include various eBay shirts, three (greedy!) bath towels from eBay Live 2003 and a pair of eBay flip flops. Maybe you could call your own business partners on Meg’s old phone, or add up your millions on her calculator? And then there’s my favourite, the Shrek and Donkey plushes given to Dreamworks’ board members.

Anyone worried by this zero-feedback seller should be reassured by her About Me page:

Don’t be scared of my non-existent feedback score. I actually opened up a new eBay account just for my Give Fest Listings (I assure you that I have a very high feedback score on my personal account!).

Don’t worry, Meg, we’re sure you’ll send the shirts. You don’t need them, when you’ve already had the shirts off *our* backs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 Responses

  1. Andy, yes, you can have as many eBay IDs as you like – there isn’t (and never has been) any rule that says you can’t have more than one. The only thing is that they mayn’t interact (buy from each other, leave each other f/b etc.).

    Paypal accounts, different: one business, one personal and no more than that.

  2. Best wishes for Meg. Great selection of memorabilia too. Just everyone keeps outbidding me!!

  3. Frankly I am staggered that the CEO would have such badly designed ad’s on Ebay, and if this isn’t fee avoidance then it should have been picked up straight away and changed 140120777804 since when has it cost that much to post a teddy bear! I am sure it’s an oversight but as the CEO it should have been picked up by now!
    Yours Stunned!


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