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Kate Moss’s range of clothes for Top Shop is selling on eBay at less than retail, reports the Daily Mail. Though eager resellers had snapped up stocks hoping to make a quick quid reselling them to eager eBay buyers, significant number of items listed on eBay have failed to sell at all; others have gone for so close to retail that, after eBay and Paypal fees, the seller has been left with no profit.

Top Shop’s own strategy seems to have kept the frenzy off-line, in stores. Customers were initially allowed only twenty minutes in stores to buy no more than five garments, meaning that traders could not clear stocks. But now, there is no scarcity of most items: a Top Shop spokesman said that “The collection only has a handful of limited-edition numbers. … The best thing about the Kate Moss clothes is they are not going to run out and there is a continual stream of new garments and fresh designs from Kate coming into the store.”

Those in the know have confirmed this is the case: the best limited edition pieces in the collection – the long red and pansy dresses – have commanded decent prices on eBay and should continue to do so. For everything else, well, if you want to make a fast buck, you really need to check that several thousand other sellers aren’t trying to do the same thing!



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