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Tesco have just joined my list of companies never to do business with again. How? Well they sent me the email below. Not only did they address me as “Dear ,” which does nothing to endear them to me, but they had the temerity to send me an email stating that I’d now be receiving their fortnightly email spam.

Tesco email spam

How easy would it have been for them to reword their email to get me onside. How about a bonus free music download if I’d like to OPT IN to their email marketing list? Cost to them 69p which is what they currently charge to download one track! Instead they’ve managed to alienate me with their peremptory tone informing me that they’re going to send me emails whether I like it or not.

Seth Godin summed it up nicely at eBay Live! If you’re going to use email marketing it shouldn’t be email about your company – It should be “Me Mail” that I actually want to read. That goes whether it’s eBay email marketing or an email marketing list that you have for your off eBay business. Permission marketing is all about prospective (or existing) customers actually wanting to receive your email. If you upset a customer there are plenty of competitors out there waiting to take your business.

Mr Tesco I’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong. 🙁



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