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TameBay attended eBay University in London this week. We took the opportunity to ask Matt Priddle, Seller Education Manager at eBay, his thoughts on how the event has changed and what’s in store for the future

eBay University and the timetable in particular has always been and will always be an iterative process, based on the feedback we get both on and after the day.

There was a big change in how the event was run in 2006 and now in 2007 – namely that last year those that came to University had a choice of just three classes, which ran all day. The challenge with this is that not all of the content will be relevant to all of the people all of the time – maybe a panacea to try to aim for this, but we wanted to. This led to the decision in 2007 to offer a variety of ‘select yourself a class’ where an attendee can choose which session to attend, and although indicating at the time of booking, they are free to change their mind, even during the class!

Coventry was the first ‘run out’ of the new format and from this we learned a great deal. Primarily that most people want to attend the ‘Power Hour’ at the end of the day, so it doesn’t make sense to run other sessions at the same time – and aside from that it’s a great way to end the day. We also found that running the same class twice resulted in a much lower turnout the second time round – and when you have lots of content to try and cram into one day, for London we decided this no longer made sense. We also dropped the Selling Manager Pro session, as this was covered elsewhere on the day – but not to such depth – although as University is an iterative process it may well return.

The one challenge that will always remain is that someone cannot go to all of the classes in one day and this is why all of the content (and more) is on the disc that you get when you attend the event. Of course, it’s not quite the same as having a presenter walk you through it but it is better than missing out on it all together.

I am sure that the timetable will be tweaked for both the Glasgow and Manchester events in the second half of the year – both to meet the demands of those that attend and as we bring out further products and information that we think our community may want to hear about. We will always notify those who have already booked and the information will be on www.eBay.co.uk/university, and we shall let Tamebay know, of course!

2 Responses

  1. I have been to 5 eBay university events now, last 2 Coventry and London and every time, I have always come away with something new. I enjoy going to them because it’s a chance to meet up with other PowerSellers and meet new people and learn things about eBay.

    I’ve really enjoyed these last 2 events, I do think eBay have put alot of thought into planning the new schedule and one thing I really like now is the PowerSeller lounge and all the goodie bags containing all the memorabila!!

    Anyone reading this that has not yet been, do go along, you’ll be surprised at what you learn about eBay on the day.



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