Goodbye Geoff Iddison, Hello Carl-Olav Scheible

Carl-Olav Scheible is the new Managing Director of PayPal UK replacing Geoff Iddison who served since November 2003. Geoff had worked at eBay since May 2000. Geoff was an unusual MD, in that he wasn’t afraid to mix with his customers. He was a frequent speaker at eBay University leading the PayPal session which was popular for all the wrong reasons – it was a chance to ask about that unfair chargeback! Geoff however was never afraid to enter the fray and field the questions. It would be nice to see his counterpart at eBay, Doug McCallum at eBay University occasionally. It’s a great way to meet and greet your customers.

Carl joined PayPal in 2004 and has risen rapidly and moves from being head of UK merchant services for PayPal Europe to lead PayPal in the UK. He is not stranger to finance having held positions with Venture Capitalists and American Express in the past. Carl moves to lead the UK at an interesting point in PayPal’s history. On the 2nd July PayPal becomes a bank headquarted in Luxembourg and all European PayPal accounts will be moved to PayPal Europe SÃ rl & Cie, SCA (PayPal Luxembourg).

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That Paypal sesh won't be the same without Geoff. Wonder where he's going now?

Sue • 11th June 2007 •

UPDATE I've just found out today that currently Geoff hasn't yet left PayPal and but leaves at the end of June. We don't currently know where he plans to go but we'll let you know when we hear. Keep in touch Geoff! :-)

Chris Dawson • 15th June 2007 •

If you still don't know Geoff Iddison now serves as Jagex Ltd.'s CEO. Jagex is a game company that develops Runescape.

Louiellen • 22nd February 2008 •

I do miss Geoff whenever I think of him, he was a great guy and amazingly for a CEO took every opportunity to meet real eBayers even when they had difficult questions! Hope he's making plenty of Runescape gold! :D

Chris Dawson • 22nd February 2008 •