IRA figurine banned from eBay

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eBay are in the news again this morning after an IRA figurine was removed under their prohibited items policy. Valiant Enterprises had the item, a model of a 1921 volunteer, deleted under the “hateful and discriminatory policy”, which also bans figures such as Nazi leaders.

Seller Tim Neckermann said “I would hope that eBay will not remove any of our American Revolutionary figures for the same reason, we were fighting for our freedom.” Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey commented that “to ban important historical facts like the Irish War of Independence is just bizarre. Especially when that time is history has been recognised and commemorated by the Irish government”.

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  1. Seems a little bit too keen IMO. Every country in the world issues stamps to commemorate various events in their own version of history. The Falkland Islands will feature the 25th Anniversary of their liberation from Argentina this year. If an argentinian eBayer complains will they remove them? There has to be some sense of reality and tollerance, particularly in the area of vintage collectables.



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