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The reduction in core FVFs announced by Bill Cobb last week is valid on eBay Canada too. The eBay Live! speech was very careful to make it crystal clear that his announcements related only to the .com site, but it seems that eBay’s President for North America was – in this instance at least – referring to the whole of his domain.

Which again raises the question, much discussed in recent days, of whether this special offer might be made on other eBay sites too. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, eBay UK sellers can take a little comfort in the thought that the offer is for all users on .com and .ca, so it will cost them a little less to try to regain their international visibility.

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  1. Actually Sue, it will cost UK sellers the same to get the visibility but less on the transaction. Since the reduction is only in the FVF sellers need be cautious in how many items they list.

    Sorry to have missed you and Chris ate eBay Live maybe when the UK has their own eBay Live I can come visit.


  2. Correction on post above, it should read “at” eBay Live rather than “ate” eBay Live (that would not be a good taste). I guess I’m too fast on the submit button.

  3. Randy: yes… All the way through this visibility debacle, I’ve been meaning “switch some of your listings to .com”, but not actually saying that – I certainly don’t necessarily advocate listing MORE.

    In my experience, listing across national sites pulls people into your shop, and they don’t necessarily just buy from their “own” site – I had a buyer buy one item from .co.uk, one from .fr and one from .ie yesterday 😀

  4. Sue, I would agree with you that switching listings would be beneficial.

    Some US Sellers are actually listing on ebid.net in order to reach out to the UK market rather then the US market. eBid, being #2 in the UK and much cheaper.

  5. I am trialling four items on .com at the moment.

    One of them got a bid yesterday…. from the UK!! LOL

    Just goes to show, your customers will find you whereever you are.

  6. I have the same experience Josordoni. Many other ebay sites currently get default exposure on a .co.uk search. The price is also not in italics, unlike .com worldwide searches.

    Does anyone know how long .com listings will be appearing by deafult in .co.uk searches?

  7. Biggles – from eBay’s last announcement on this issue, they “expect to take a final decision at the end of August on how we will display US items on eBay.co.uk.”


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