Make money when eBay groups get Skyped

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As part of an overhaul of eBay groups the ability to Skype other group members will be introduced. Many times I’ve seen a thread where someone is assisting another eBay member and it would be so much easier to do on a phone conversation than trying to explain in words. Now this will become a reality.

This will also be a great opportunity for eBay experts to charge for advice with Skype’s pay to call service. How many times have you had a problem that you’d happily pay a few pounds to have an eBay expert walk you through on the phone?

Also coming is Personalization and Design Options with avatars, signature files and group icons and skins, Enhanced Search with five tags per group to allow prospective new members to find your group and new Features for Group Leaders such as multiple discussion boards within a group, and the ability to feature posts, and photos on your group’s home page.

The upgrade will take place on 27th June when there will be eight hours downtime while the changes are made.

2 Responses

  1. Yes it all sopunds good on the surface until you check the FAQ for when do I get paid?

    Skype will send the monies you earn in month one, direct to your PayPal account before the 15th day of month five – month six for month 2 earnings etc.

    Not only do you have to wait a minimum of 3 1/2 months for your money, you have to pay a slice of it to Skype AND PayPal (receiving fees and possibly international conversion fees too).

    And we thought PayPal withdrawals were slow?

  2. It’s still money…. at the end of the day there’s always a cost of doing business. If someone is active on eBay groups and wants to charge for advice and do so on an ongoing basis it could be a nice revenue stream, along with any other consultancy calls they receive. Some money in a couple of months is better than no money ever :-p


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