New item specifics in Collectables categories

No primary category set

We’re hearing from a number of collectables’ sellers that item specifics have suddenly appeared in their categories on eBay UK. There’s been no announcement about this: stamps’ and postcards’ categories are definitely affected. Some sellers appear to be largely in favour, while others are deeply unhappy about what they say are inappropriate categorisations. All, however, seem to be in agreement that an announcement would have been nice.

Item specifics are not just an extra way for buyers to search: they also affect the way sellers list, for example if you’re sending a SIF item to auction or BIN format, you have no choice but to add in item specifics, otherwise the listing is blocked. And of course, if you have to add item specifics to inventory of hundreds or thousands of items, that’s a change for which you really need decent warning.

If you’re in one of the affected categories, leave us a comment: let us know what’s going on, and what you think about it.



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