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A subtle but rather good change to eBay Shops’ pages I noticed this morning: postage prices have now appeared alongside all items.

Shop postage

Anything that makes buyer’s lives easier has to be a good thing, though in a perfect world, I’d like to see a little icon alongside the postage price to indicate that postage discounts are available. Anything that increases multiple sales is an even better thing!

Updated to add:
Another excellent change that I’ve just noticed, with regard to how Shops’ search results are dealt with. It always used to be that if you were in a specific category in someone’s shop, and put something in the search box, the results you got were only from that category. Sometimes that was what you wanted: sometimes, however, it wasn’t, and the “nothing found” result was either an annoying reminder to click back to the Shop home page and search again, or (more likely for new users) a confusing “go away, there’s nothing for you here” kind of message.

Well, they fixed it. *Now* what you get is the results from the category you’re in, and *then* a list of matching items from other categories within the same Shop!

I spend a lot of time complaining that eBay’s developers don’t use the site enough, and I have to give them kudos for this one: it’s exactly what I, and I think most other eBayers, would have asked for. Well done 😀

2 Responses

  1. Oh the search thing is just FANTASTIC 😀 That’s been a pain for so long and it’s way time they fixed it! It’s just made my day 🙂

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