eBay Germany "Enter the Luxury Market"

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eBay Germany Young DesignerThe story is that eBay Germany have teamed up with six fashion design student to help promote their collections on eBay. A landing page has been created for the six eBay shops where the designers have selected garments from their ranges to sell online. The shops were launched during the prestigious Berlin Fashion Week.

It’s not all plain sailing though, Blognation questions how successful the shops will be as public perception of eBay isn’t one of luxury goods. PFSK points out that regardless of success the six chosen designers are receiving great publicity from which to launch their careers.

Of more interest is that eBay are promoting luxury goods, the market for which was decimated for many sellers by the “Building Trust by Reducing Counterfeits” policy introduced back in December 2006.

Germany is one of the few markets able to ship luxury goods worldwide, although they’re restricted to listing them on the German, Swiss and Austrian sites. Other European sites such as Spain can only list and sell on their own country site.

The current promotion is restricted to just the German site. Shipping from the designers is to Germany only and all items are fixed price listings. I’m unconvinced that eBay will be seen as the place for luxury goods if the designers fail to attract sales. Certainly it will do nothing to bolster the confidence of sellers affected by the counterfeits policy and fixed price listings don’t suggest the public would bid up the items to acceptable final value prices. This promotion has the potential to discourage more sellers of luxury goods from listing items on eBay than it attracts.

3 Responses

  1. Fantastic idea. Can be done around the world with all sort of creative professions from fashion designers to artists. I hope it is successful.

  2. “Ebay – Building Trust by Reducing Counterfeits” is a notion just OOZING with enough absurd comic genius to rival anything by the Marx Brothers or Monty Python.

  3. I’d like to see it succeed as well, but this type of promotion doesn’t normally produce massive sales.

    eBay Express in the UK had a similar high profile launch of the Express Exclusives range last Autumn. I never checked their sales but the feedback only reveals 39 left for buyers.

    Although it received some good publicity in the press that’s about all it really was. Good for the designers, good for getting the eBay name around, but didn’t produce any business worth talking about 🙁

    That doesn’t mean it was a failed promotion, just that it didn’t produce sales on eBay.


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