Fluid Mask 3 for perfect eBay pictures


Fluid Mask 3, the amazing masking software to produce cut-outs from composite images is now available. Fluid Mask is supported for both Windows and Mac, as a plugin for PhotoShop and as a stand alone program. Fluid Mask 3 takes blending to a new level by preserving the edge data. In the final result, natural edge blur and contour is preserved for the best, most authentic cut-outs ever.

Perfect photo of trainerEvery eBay seller strives for perfect photos and with Fluid Mask you can cut out complex images in seconds. Last month in the TameBay forum we had a tutorial showing how to mask the a trainer and place it on a background of your choosing. The work of seconds all clutter and shadows in the background can be removed for the perfect picture.

If anyone has ever tried using a lasso tool to crop a complicated image they’ll know how long it takes. Fluid Mask cuts hours of works to just seconds, it finds the edges for you!

You can download a demo from the Fluid Mask website and to mark the release of Fluid Mask 3 we have a special offer for TameBay readers:

From now until 31th July you can purchase for just £149.00 which includes


That’s a saving of £10.00 for TameBay readers, just enter the coupon code EBASTAMEBAY when you make your purchase.


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